Lauri Markkanen 14 Points Full Highlights (10/26/2017)

The Bulls have finally dredged up enough competency from the murky depths of their being to win a game. Maybe I shouldn’t say “finally”, because it only took them four games to do it, which is way fewer than what I expected. I was thinking, you know, maybe post All-Star break before the scored more points than their opponent over an entire 48 minutes. Now we just have to wait for the Knicks to win a game, which, for real, no joke, might not be for a long time.

Lauri Markkanen didn’t contribute much for most of the contest, missing a whole bunch of threes before deciding to stop being a Charmin-soft Euro and taking it inside a few times. But he returned to his native land (outside the three-point arc) at the end of the game to seal the game, hitting a three to put his team up by 4. I believe the kids these days have a word for such actions: “clutch”. Such strange lingo. What is that even supposed to mean? “Markkanen was clutch”. That doesn’t make sense, does it?

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