Evan Fournier 25 Points Full Highlights (10/27/2017)

I refuse to believe that the Orlando Magic are legit. Call me a “troll”, a “hater”, or a “nincompoop”, or whatever you want, but I simply am not willing to anoint this Magic team as on of the best in the conference based on a couple good games. It’s not like they added a whole bunch of talent to help them win more games; for some reason they kept a large chunk of last year’s mediocre roster intact. Who did they even sign? Marreese Speights? I am having a hearty laugh right now.

Now, if they keep this up for 20 more games, I’ll be on the bandwagon, sure. But they wont, first because their commentator that says “Kapaya!” annoys me and second because Scott Skiles’ crappy coaching is still hurting them long after he got fired. Franchises take a long time to recover from him, and some players never do (Mario Hezonja).

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