Jonathon Simmons 17 Points Full Highlights (10/27/2017)

Another night, another revenge game. The Spurs rudely kicked Jonathon Simmons to the curb, Popovich surely thinking, in his hubris, that Simmons wasn’t a major part of the Spurs’ success last season. “I am the one that makes this team great!” he yells. “Me and me alone! I can win with any player, even Kyle Anderson in place of Jonathon Simmons!”

Simmons exacted his revenge in a big way tonight, playing a big role in the Magic’s 30-point annihilation of his former team. The Magic TV crew didn’t show any closeup shots of Popovich’s tortured countenance, which is really a shame, because they would’ve added a whole lot to this video. Although, it’s possible that Popovich doesn’t even see that he’s made a mistake yet. Maybe he blames his current players, or other, unknown, factors. It might take a few more beatings at Simmons’ hands for him to see the truth.

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