Otto Porter 29 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (10/27/2017)

If Otto Porter continues to play like this for the full 82 games, Wizards fans won’t even have to be sad that they lost the Kevin Durant sweepstakes two off-seasons ago. You can see where I’m going with this: Otto Porter is basically a budget version of Kevin Durant. Except the “budget” part, because Porter has a big new contract that is anything but budget. So, when we remove the “budget” qualifier, the sentence becomes “Otto Porter is basically Kevin Durant”. Is that so wrong at this point?

Yeah, Porter is the third option, so it’s not the best comparison ever. But Kevin Durant has kinda been the second option on some his recent teams, as perverse as this sound. And Porter’s loose dribbles and fearless shooting strongly bring to mind the Slim Reaper.

Obviously it would be cool if Durant was on the Wizards. Maybe it will happen someday now that the urgent pressure to win a chip has cooled down. But the Wizards have their own version of Durant, and I’m almost positive he doesn’t operate a huge network of sockpuppet social media accounts.

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