Pascal Siakam 18 Points Full Highlights (10/27/2017)

Siakamania is in full effect! 20 points against the Warriors and 18 points against the Lakers in back-to-back games, I think Pascal Siakam has flashed more offensive skill in those two contests than he has in the whole rest of his career. Move over Ibaka! There’s a new African in town, and his true age isn’t in question even a little bit!

I’m really excited. I just can’t believe it. Wow. Siakamania for sure right now. It’s just… why not Bruno Caboclo? I’ve been waiting for a long time for something like this from him and it’s not happening. Don’t tell me Bruno couldn’t do the things Siakam did tonight. Don’t even tell me, because that would be dirty and untrue lies. I’m so happy for Siakam. But I’d be a lot happier for Bruno. If he pretended he was African instead of South American, would Masai be more willing to force the coaching staff to give him minutes?

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