Steven Adams 20 Points Full Highlights (10/27/2017)

Steven Adams: Thunder’s best player? Let’s run down the list.

Russell Westbrook doesn’t know what to do with two other stars on his team and he’s not even averaging a triple-double. What a bum. Total trash. Steven Adams isn’t averaging a triple-double either but that’s because he plays within his role. Also if Steven Adams didn’t exist, Westbrook would average maybe three assists per game max. More like two honestly.

Carmelo Anthony is an old iso chucker. He’s so old, isoey, and chucky that the Knicks were willing to give him up basically for free. Steven Adams is the type of player where if you were to give him up, you would have to be getting some serious return in terms of young prospects and draft picks. Also Steven Adams doesn’t kill ball movement, and he plays defense, and he can do it while not wearing a hoodie. Carmelo has to be wearing a hoodie if he wants to have a positive impact on the game.

Paul George? LOL (lots of laughs). He used to play defense. He also used to be a good scorer. Now he’s neither of those things, but Steven Adams is both of those things. The thing is, Adams doesn’t need to score 20 PPG on sub-mediocre efficiency to be a good scorer. Does Paul George even know where New Zealand is on a map? Probably not LOL (lots of laughs). It’s right next to Australia dummy!

Andre Roberson is straight booty flakes. No more needs to be said. Same goes for the rest of the scrubs on the roster. Steven Adams laughs in all of their faces when they try to be good basketball players.

DTB’S OFFICIAL VERDICT OF TRUTH: Steven Adams is the Thunder’s best player.

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