Ben Simmons 23 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (10/28/2017)

I need to start a storyline for Ben Simmons. This year will be my only chance, because the rule is that NBA stop being rookies after their first year in the league. So I gotta get going. But I don’t even have any good ideas! Here are a few concepts I have come up with, but they all feel lacking:

The 76ers treat Ben Simmons to a night out at Outback Steakhouse thinking it represents authentic Australian cuisine (note: I already used this idea for Matthew Dellavedova).

Ben Simmons gets addicted to Vegemite and gets checked into rehab (note: I already used this idea for Matthew Dellavedova).

Ben Simmons joins an elite hacking group and attempts to take down the health insurance industry (who, it is revealed, severely wronged him during his injury recovery) with his elite hacking buddies who include Luke Babbitt and D.J. Wilson.

Ben Simmons develops a crush on a cheerleader but it turns out the cheerleader is actually a dude but Ben Simmons has an open mind about it (idk this one seems kinda weird and besides they already a movie about the concept called “Juwanna Mann”).

As you can plainly see, all these ideas kinda suck. Don’t worry though! I’m gonna keep working on this, and I bet by the time the All-Star break rolls around I’ll be ready to go with the first installment. Remember, patience is a virtue!

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