Chandler Parsons 24 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (10/28/2017)

I almost put “Grizzlies Debut” in the title of the video because I think this is the first time Chandler Parsons has shown up for a game for them.

OUCH! SICK BURN. Get that man some ointment.

Yeah for real though he has sucked for the Grizzlies. Not his fault, well maybe a little bit for hanging around all those hot models all the time. But mostly not. Injuries suck, and I, as a Bucks fan, will soon be witnessing the same sitch with Jabari Parker. So no more jokes about how much he sucks. Instead, jokes about he and Jeremy Lin have a sexual tension between them that is about to burst to the surface any day now! I’m still mad that that bromance got broken up, by the way. That was primo description material back in, like, 2004 or whenever that was. I’ll have to bust out another one of those suckers next time Parsons has another game like this, which may not be ever.

I’m sure Grizzlies fans are extremely pleased that he at least put up one good game for them. Yeah, he’s stolen a ton of money from the franchise, but at least he tried to make amends by being not garbage for a single game. Hell, way more than “not garbage” or “good”. He was great by any definition of the word, scoring 24 in 21 minutes on 9 of 11 (conspiracy time!) shooting. Who cares if his dunk tonight was a pale imitation of his younger self?

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