Donovan Mitchell 22 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (10/28/2017)

The Utah Jazz may have been totally butt-reamed by Gordon Hayward’s traitorous departure, and yeah, they’re not going to be nearly as good as last year, but hey! Don’t forget about them, because they still have the dynamic duo of… Joe Ingles and Donovan Mitchell attracting attention to the land of Mormons and more Mormons (Moremons)!

I can tell you are super excited, and you should be. The best three-point shooter in the league and trash-talker extraordinaire Joe Ingles, paired up with the hyper-athletic shot-gunning rookie Donovan Mitchell? I’m thinking about great Jazz duos of the past, and these guys are right up there with Darrell “The Golden Griff” Griffith and Thurl “Big T” Bailey. Second place is pretty good, right? Hell yeah! The new era of Jazz basketball is upon us, and man I couldn’t be more hyped.

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