Bogdan Bogdanovic 15 Points Full Highlights (10/29/2017)

The Kings fooled me earlier in the season by not looking like total absolute trash entirely. I thought “hey maybe the Kings are only like the fifth or sixth worst team despite being composed only of raw talent and ancient veterans”. Whatever competency they showed in their early games is gone now. Everyone is underperforming now, everyone except Bogdan Bogdanovic (and De’Aaron Fox I guess), who is merely “performing”.

This was not a good game for the new-look Kings. Zach Randolph and George Hill didn’t even play; has the coaching staff now realized that those signings were pointless? It kinda looks like it. Bogdanovic was the best performer by far for Suck-town with his 15 points. It’s great that he is flashing the scoring ability that he showed off in Europe, but it sucks that he’s trying to make a go of it in what has to be one of the worst situations in the league. It’s a cliche at this point, but imagine what he would like with the Spurs right now…

Actually I think he’d be riding pine for them just like David Bertans is. Never mind what a said about him being in a bad situation; any situation where he gets minutes is good enough for me.

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