Jamal Murray 26 Points Full Highlights (10/29/2017)

Jamal Murray missed the first 17 shots of his rookie season. He hasn’t been that bad so far to start the season, but he hasn’t been far off. He just finished up a stretch of 16 missed threes, and it’s not like he was making tons of other buckets/free throws to make up for it. I was kinda hyped for him and Denver coming into the year, but he has disappointed and his suckitude has caused the Nuggets to disappoint as well.

An optimist would say that this games marks the start of a resurgence for Murray/Denver as a whole. And a pessimist would say in response, screw off, life sucks and I hate it when young players have good scoring games. Which camp are you in? I think I’m in camp pessimism right now, but that’s only because I banged my knee really hard on a table and it hurts really bad. Who designed tables to be knee-height anyway? They can choke on my chode.

Sorry. That was the knee talking. I don’t normally stoop to such crude language.

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