Joe Harris 16 Points Full Highlights (10/29/2017)

This is Joe Harris’ year. I can feel it. All the Nets need to do is use him like the Heat use Wayne Ellington, just run him off screens and have him pop three-pointers and don’t expect him to rebound the ball or get assists or play defense. Use him that way for twenty to twenty-five minutes a game and he’ll average double digits easy. EASY. The Nets are playing fast and loose, a perfect system for a guy who likes to run around and shoot three-pointers.

Since Luke Babbitt is being underutilized in Atlanta, I desperately need a white three-point sharpshooter to ironically latch onto. Joe Harris can be that guy if he proves to me that he is up to the task. Once I decide he is the one, I can reference him throughout my video descriptions and on my Twitter to harvest video views and tweet likes from similarly-minded young white males.

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