Nikola Jokic 21 Points Full Highlights (10/29/2017)

I was debating tonight which order to do highlights in, and I was gonna do Nikola Jokic but maybe not until later because he only had 21, but then I remembered that he hit a Dirk-style fadeaway right in the face of Timofey Mozgov’s contract and the priority for this vid jumped like 10 levels. That’s how sick the fadeaway was. He raised the knee and everything, and that thing dropped right through the net. It touches rim, he doesn’t want it.

Also Nowitzki-like: the three-pointer he hit at around 1:48. Remember that clutch rainbow three that Dirk hit in the playoffs against Miami where it went super high and plopped straight through the whole? Yeah. I got flashbacks of that shot from this one. If there is anything better than a nicely-arced longbomb swishing twine no iron needed, I haven’t found it yet. I set up a little something to just replay those two parts of the vid over and over, and I’m settling in for a long night. Just me and the Jokic jumpers.

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