Tim Hardaway Jr. 34 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (10/29/2017)

Dammit. I thought that this for sure would be Tim Hardaway Jr.’s career high is assists by far. Remember his first stint in New York? Dude never passed the ball. Ever. It got better as his career went along, but he’s never been a passing type of guy, really. Turns out, though, that he got 8 assists in a game last year against the Knicks. Why didn’t I make highlights of that? That’s like Porzingis scoring 50. I don’t know.

This time, there was no excuse, because he also had an almost-career-high 34 points to go along with his now-career-high-tying 8 dimes. Probably the best performance of his career, all told.

And it was against the Cavaliers. That might be a bad thing at this point, since they seem dead-set on allowing every bad team to just come in and do whatever they want. The Knicks, to me, don’t seem like that good of a team, but they pretty much demolished the Cavs on their home floor. I didn’t hear any outright boos, more like restless murmuring, but I didn’t keep going until the end. Maybe the boobirds appeared later, and I wouldn’t blame them. LeCoast is a real thing that is really happening right now.

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