Bam Adebayo 13 Points/5 Dunks Full Highlights (10/30/2017)

You cannot tell me that the thumbnail for this video does not show a young Dwight Howard. Look at it: it shows Dwight Howard as a rookie getting ready to shoot a free throw. I don’t even know who Bam Adebayo is, but whoever that guy may be, he is not represented in the thumbnail.

I’m not convinced that the video does not also show a first-year Dwight Howard dunking all over everybody while having really wide shoulders. I don’t know how I got so messed up with this one, but the more I think about, the more I believe that I accidentally went into the DTB film archives and made highlights of Dwight Howard making his debut for the Magic. So that’s my bad. I would retitle the video, but what’s done is done. I have to live with my mistakes.

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