Jamal Murray 20 Points Full Highlights (10/30/2017)

Two good games in a row now for Jamal Murray. Wow! The pessimist in me (which is actually all of me) had left him for dead. Players who start off seasons slowly usually just get slower and slower until they’re playing 30 minutes a game and putting up goose eggs across the whole boxscore. Not so with Murray! To celebrate, I will now unveil my new nickname creation for him. Little known fact: I spend almost as much time crafting nicknames as I do compiling highlights. So with out much further ado, I present to you:

Jamal “Bitchen-er from Kitchener” Murray!

The second part of the nickname is clear: Murray was born in Kitchener, Ontaro, Canada. The first part is a little more hazy, but we’ll get there. Sometimes, when something is really cool/awesome/gnarly, one can say that it’s “bitching” or “bitchen”. So if you want it to be EVEN MORE gnarly, you could say it’s “bitchen-er”. That’s Murray!

Alright, sorry, this one sucks. I tried to talk myself into it but it’s not working. Back to the drawing board, or in this case, the several-megabyte sized text file I have on my computer filled with nickname ideas.

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