Nikola Jokic 28 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (10/30/2017)

I was all set to revel in the Knicks’ fanbase’s collective despair for blowing a game after letting a 20-point lead against the Nuggets dissolve in a matter of minutes. After they booed Porzingis on draft night, they deserve all the misery that the universe sees fit to fling their way. Alas, despite a gigantic third-quarter chokejob, New York managed to hang on for the win, forestalling the firing of James Dolan for at least a few more games (just kidding he will never ever leave you’re stuck with him forever).

Nikola “Klay Thompson” Jokic played a big part in the Nuggets’ almost-comeback, but he wasn’t his usual self tonight. For one, he wasn’t Magic Jokson. For another, he shot and made a ton of perimeter jumpers. We know he can make those shots, obviously, but usually he mixes it up with a healthy dose of paint points. Not tonight. Did he even score next to the basket in this contest? I don’t know, since I’m a soulless highlights automaton who makes vids without thinking, but it doesn’t seem like he did.

Hence the “Klay Thompson” nickname. It was not some sort of convoluted reference to marijuana and Colorado and Klay. You think about things too hard sometimes.

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