Rodney Hood 25 Points Full Highlights (10/30/2017)

When was the last time you even heard anything about Rodney Hood? Utah fans can’t answer this question, I’m sure they hear about him at least once a month. But fans around the league, are you aware that Hood still exists? I can’t remember when I last read an article or even saw a tweet about him. He just kinda disappeared out of the general NBA consciousness.

Hood is a fine player, but is there anything notable about him? He was a late draft pick for how good he is, but that’s about it. The most major thing he did outside of play on an NBA court was shoot a music video with yours truly for DownToBuck’s smash hit “Reppin’ the Hood feat. Rodney Hood” (lyrical miracles found here: That shoot kind of ended in a different kind of shoot, as in we accidentally killed a guy with one of the guns we were waving around. But I covered it up pretty good and now when I hear sirens I don’t even start panicking like a used to.

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