Kyle Kuzma 16 Points Full Highlights (10/31/2017)

I don’t want to make anybody mad (actually I sort of do in a perverse way), but is Kyle Kuzma a better rookie than Lonzo Ball? One is averaging 19/7/2 per 36 on 53% shooting, and the other is averaging 11/7/7 per 36 on 33% shooting. Being a highly-drafted point guard might be more difficult to acclimate to than being an off-ball scorer with no expectations, but you also have to factor in that a point guard has more control over his own scoring destiny since he can call his own number whenever he wants (and for Ball, he’s probably calling it too often).

Only true Lakers fans are allowed to weigh in with their opinions on this matter. True Lakers fans should be able to meet the following criteria:

-They can name a player other than Kobe and Lonzo Ball
-They still hate Julius Randle even though he’s playing better lately
-They wish Joel Meyers was still commentating for the team
-They are honest about Brandon Ingram’s deficiencies
-They recognize that Kyle Kuzma is a better rookie than Lonzo Ball

If you are not a true Lakers fan, please refrain from commenting on this video.

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