Donovan Mitchell 28 Points Full Highlights (11/1/2017)

The Jazz commentators (I think it was Matt Harpring [god i hate him]) mentioned how Donovan Mitchell’s shot selection wasn’t very good to start the season. And I agree with him. It wasn’t very good. And guess what? It STILL isn’t very good. Any improvement in Mitchell’s performances is because he is getting better at making shots, not because the shots he is taking are any better.

I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing, though. Think of how effortlessly he will score when he starts taking better shots! They’ll be so easy for him that he’ll drop 25 a night. For now, it’s fun to see him take jumpers in people’s faces, do slow-mo moves in the paint for cruddy floaters, and shot any three that presents itself. I’m thinking about Dante Exum right now, and it’s insane how different those two dudes are.

Dante Exum… man. A tragedy in four parts for sure.

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