Jaylen Brown 22 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (11/1/2017)

In a previous description I asserted that Jaylen Brown needed to send Gordon Hayward two cards, one a thank-you card for getting injured and freeing up some forward minutes, and one a get-well card for his injury recovery. After this latest Jaylen Brown scoring outburst (which I have taken to calling a “Brownout”), I am going to walk back on that suggestion. Two cards isn’t enough. He needs to send Hayward a teddy bear to keep him company in the hospital.

But this isn’t a normal teddy bear. This is a teddy bear with sappy words embroidered on the belly of the bear in a cursive font with a lot of curlicues. The words on the bear should read something like, “I’m sorry you exploded your ankle but the doctors say you’ll make a full recovery so I feel no guilt when I say that I’m happy you got injured now I get to play a lot of minutes and basically what I’m saying is your injury paved my way to future All-Star appearances so thanks Gordon you’re the best bro ever.”

I don’t know if all of that will fit on a teddy bear. It might have to be a really big bear. But this is important of Jaylen Brown wants to properly convey his emotions to his injured teammate.

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