Lauri Markkanen 25 Points Full Highlights (11/1/2017)

The Bulls’ watchability goes way up if Lauri “Suomen Markka” Markkanen can do stuff like this on a nightly basis. Which he can, obviously, because we’ve now seen 6 games out of him and they all have been at least okay. Coming into the season, I was planning on watching exactly 0 Bulls games. That’s right, not even the ones where they play Bucks. Why would I ever watch a team that features Robin Lopez as its best player? I’d rather… watch the WNBA or something. Now I might have to up my total to like four or five.

That’s because Markkanen has boldly seized the title of “Bulls Best Player” from Lopez, or maybe they’re coholders of the title, either way, it’s the Markkanen show going on pretty much all the time now. He gets to shoot the shots. He gets to rebound the rebounds. He gets to have Stacey King call him “King of the North” which is a really sad attempt at being culturally relevant. Why he can’t he use my nickname instead? Him yelling SUOMEN MARKKA in that voice of his would be sweet.

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