Malcolm Brogdon 20 Points Full Highlights (11/1/2017)

Another solid game for Malcolm Brogdon. That’s what he is. Solid. Super solid. Solidity comprises a full 50% of his body mass. Want another adjective? Workmanlike. But that has some connotations I don’t want to get into, so we’re gonna stick with solid as the primary adjective to describe Junkyard Brog.

I really like this dude, but I think I’m starting to yearn for something more with him. Solidity is super great when you’re on a team that already has a bunch of good players. The Bucks don’t, though. They have Giannis and sometimes Middleton. Brog-dog needs to step it up, straight up. More shots. More aggression. More BUCKETS.

I thought tonight would be the night of more-than-solid Brogdon, when he scored 16 in the first half, but he cooled way off and only ended up with 20. Another solidly solid night of solidness. I wish that such things still satisfied me.

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