Maxi Kleber 11 Points Full Highlights (11/1/2017)

This video gets off to a bad start when one of those dopes that ESPN employs to commentate games said “Kebler” instead of “Kleber”. At least he didn’t say “Keebler”, like the brand of cookies, but still, you gotta put some respeck on that name. Maximillian “The Wurzburg Wiener” Kleber, as a player, is basically a combination of Prime Mavericks Dirk and Prime Mavericks Chandler Parsons (with a dash of Prime Mavericks Matt Carroll), and he should be treated as such.

I was pleased to see that the Mavs began to feed the beast in the fourth quarter, letting Kleber have a few possessions in a row to himself. He demonstrated some adequate shooting touch so I see no reason why he can’t get thirty minutes in the next game. If we’re being honest now, Dirk is sort of totally washed, so they should start cultivating the next Dirk before the original Dirk is too old to teach the young’uns his bag of Germanic tricks.

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