Thaddeus Young 26 Points Full Highlights (11/1/2017)

In order to advance the cause of scrubs and role players in the NBA, I have come up with a new award for such players who have astounding single-game shooting performances: the SORPWWOAGB award. If you’re too dumb to figure out the acronym without me spelling it out for you, I’m gonna spell it out for you, dummy: it stands for the “Scrub or Role Player Who Went Out and Got Buckets” award. Players are eligible for this award if they make ten or more field goals in a game while also being a scrub or role player. They are ineligible if they are a fringe all-star or better, or if they fail to make ten field goals in a single game.

Thaddeus Young was 12-of-16 from the field in this win against the Cavaliers (who are getting exposed hard at every turn). So, not only does he have some sweet new SORPWWOAGB hardware to put on his mantel, but he re-established himself as a vital component of the Pacers and made Kevin Love look like a total bitchboy while doing it.

Speaking of SORPWWOAGB hardware, there isn’t really any “hardware” per se. What I do is I send the recipient of the award a piece of origami paper along with some instructions on how to fold it into an origami trophy. I don’t have enough time to do the folding myself, that’s the scrub’s job. I’m over here making highlights, I don’t have time to be some kind of origami wizard.

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