Kyle Anderson 16 Points Full Highlights (11/2/2017)

There’s always a subset of viewers clamoring for more of the “miscellaneous” stats that players accrue, such as assists, blocks, and steals. Since Kyle Anderson is somewhat of an all-around player who will collect small amounts of those stats, I decided to throw my viewership a bone by showing his two blocks and four assists in this video.

If you watch closely, you will notice that neither block nor assist makes an appearance in this video. That’s because his blocks and assists sucked, and it detracted from the spectacle of his sixteen points (which is the equivalent of Curry scoring seventy). One of his blocks was essentially a block, but the other one was him stripping the ball from Kevin Durant while Durant was dribbling. The assists were similarly lackluster. Two of them were okay, the other two truly put the “ass” an assist because they sucked ass. I couldn’t justifiably water down the content of this video with some gross lameness.

So, my new policy for including assists is that a player has to get at least twenty of them in one game. For blocks, you have to get ten of them, AND it has to be part of a triple-double. There will be no exceptions to these rules.

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