Kyle Kuzma 22 Points Full Highlights (11/2/2017)

Another game, another instance of Kyle Kuzma thoroughly outplaying alleged Lakers’ savior Lonzo Ball. I’m fully aware that when Lonzo breaks out and starts taking over the league, all my video descriptions belittling him are going to look really dumb, but I don’t especially care right at this moment. In the here and now all I care about is how a late first-round pick like Kyle Kuzma is proving to be one of the best players on his team with his controlled scoring and overall polished game.

Besides, no matter how stupid my opinions are, at least I’m not posting clickbaity reaction/”analysis” videos. My opinions are tame and reasonable compared to those videos. I’m the lesser of two evils here. I also benefit from the fact that my opinions are recorded in text rather than in an audiovisual medium, so there’s an entire class of sub-literate people out there who won’t bother to find out what I think. Maybe that’s for the best.

Back to Kuzma. I know rookies can’t get career highs only a month into their careers, but I strongly considered putting “career high” in the title of this video. The only thing that stopped me is the realization that Kuzma will probably drop thirty at some point this season unless he gets a season-long suspension for hitting Lonzo Ball in the face with a baseball bat.

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