Brook Lopez 34 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (11/3/2017)

This description is just too easy. Too easy. It practically writes itself.

In case you don’t understand what I’m getting at, I’ll say it outright: this was the most brutal and unforgiving REVENGE GAME in at least the past few years. Brook Lopez was pitted against his former team who traded him last off-season, and he took no mercy on them. His impressive array of offensive skills was on full display. Not only was he not afraid to rattle the rim with some master blasters, he wasn’t afraid to rattle the psyches of the Nets players and front-office staff with an extra-large dose of premium grade-A REVENGE.

Prime Brooklyn Lopez was unleashed in this game in a way that we haven’t yet seen during the “Lopez in LA” experiment. I’m curious if this trend will continue or if it was a one-time thing fueled mainly by Lopez’ desire for ultimate REVENGE on his former team. REVENGE.



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