David Nwaba 16 Points Full Highlights (11/3/2017)

I don’t exactly know what happened, but the Bulls just creamed the Magic by 22 points to get their second win of the season. Lauri Markkanen didn’t even do most of the damage – he only had thirteen. Nobody scored over twenty points individually, but seven players scored in double digits, and David “Nwannabe” Nwaba had the second-highest total on the team with sixteen.

In sourcing material for this description, I happened to notice that Nwaba’s nickname is allegedly “Mr. Dunk”. There are definitely players out there who deserve to hold that nickname more than Nwaba is, but he’s no slouch either when it comes to packing down monster wham-jams. He almost succeeded in totally posterizing Shelvin Mack in this game, and I specifically remember several instances during his time with the Lakers where he actually did succeed in posterizing dudes. So, all that considered, I really can’t begrudge him his “Mr. Dunk” nickname. I just sort of wish that I was eligible for that nickname. I have the “Mister” part down but the “Dunk” part still eludes me.

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