J.J. Redick 31 Points/8 Threes Full Highlights (11/3/2017)

Last time J.J. Redick was a third banana in the Eastern Conference, he was playing behind Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings on a team with no excitement and no prospects. Now, maybe it’s debatable that he’s even the third option right now, but I say he is, and things are looking a lot better this time around. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons? That’s exciting, no doubt about it, even if you think the 76ers rushed their rebuild and got a bunch of win-now vets one year too soon.

Redick was basically responsible for tonight’s win against the Pacers. Things were looking bad, the Pacers were on a run, and Big-Dick Redick comes in and hits a bunch of threes as Lance Stephenson blew in his ear. Well, maybe not that last part, but the part about him hitting a bunch of threes is total truthfulness. All you have to do is watch the vid and you can see for yourself! What are you waiting for?

ALERT: Alaa Abdelnaby ruins every moment he commentates. Where is Malik Rose?

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