Victor Oladipo 31 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (11/3/2017)

I resumed making Victor Oladipo highlights because he was playing at a role player level last season in Oklahoma City. I didn’t expect him to average 25 points per game on 50% shooting and play like a guaranteed All-Star through the first nine games. By all measures, he is too good for my channel.

But I’m not going to stop making Oladipo highlights just yet. I don’t want to admit I was wrong when I undertook an honest assessment of his talent and determined that he would average, at most, 18 PPG on 45% shooting (averages that would already be at the upper bound of what is acceptable to appear on my channel). There’s still hope that he will regress to the mean; a lot of players start off the season hot, but most of them cool off by a certain point. Pacers fans don’t want him to cool off, but I do, just so I don’t have to re-reverse my reversed decision not to make Oladipo highlight vids.

I’ll be honest here, all this “is he too good for my channel” stuff gets stressful sometimes. Maybe my new rule should be, if you’ve ever averaged more than ten points per game at any point in your career, you can go beg Dawkins or GD for a video.

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