Avery Bradley 24 Points Full Highlights (11/4/2017)

Watching Avery Bradley just isn’t the same anymore. I love the Pistons commentators, George Blaha is the GOAT as far as I’m concerned, but there was something special about listening to Tommy Heinsohn croak out “Ayveree Brahdlee” whenever he did something exciting. Bradley’s game isn’t the most exciting for me (although he seems to be one of the best at shooting off screens in the league), so I’m suffering a lack of hype right now for him.

Doesn’t mean I won’t do highlights though. I’ve never let lack of hype stop me from doing that, even if the player in question is someone I’ve ragged on repeatedly for not passing the ball enough. I understand now that the Celtics were wrong to try and play him at point guard, because his nature is to shoot the ball and play some defense along the way. It was not Bradley’s fault that he was misused so blatantly.

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