Will Barton 21 Points Full Highlights (11/4/2017)

The Daylight Savings Time switch always messes with me. For all you Euros out there, Daylight Savings Time is basically a mind-control scheme conceived by politicians who want to legislate the very concept of time itself. 2+2=5 and what have you. It’s bull poo, but if you want to be on time for things, you have to play along with it.

So I woke up this morning and have no idea what day it is, much less what the time is. All the clocks in my house say something different. Some think it’s A.M., some think it’s P.M., and some are on military time. On one of my analog clocks, the hour hand is going backwards while the minute hand goes forward and the second hand switches between 12 and 6 every five seconds. I have calendars in every room but all of them are on different months and have different amounts of days crossed off even though I do my best to keep them in sync with each other. As a test, I used the stopwatch on my phone, and it was going about twice as fast as it should have been. This is how it is for me every time the Daylight Savings Time switch happens.

But you’re here to read about my thoughts on Will Barton. I am too distraught by the time anomalies occurring around me to form many cogent thoughts on the matter, but I’ll try. Barton had a good game, but unlike last season, he’s not really contending for 6MOTY of the year, so it doesn’t really matter. CORRECTION: I just looked at the stats and he’s averaging more PPG than last season, so maybe he is in the 6MOTY of the year conversation. Time to fire up that twitter campaign! #willbarton6motyoftheyear

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