Brandon Ingram 20 Points Full Highlights (11/5/2017)

This was a very Giannis-esque performance by Brandon Ingram; just charge in there with your ridiculously long strides and score layups until the figure out how to stop you. It’s a great strategy (except that layups are boring and jumpers are awesome), I’ve seen it work for the Bucks for years, and it worked for the Lakers in the second quarter tonight. The rest of the game, nah, but you can’t have everything you want in life, and that includes a consistent Ingram.

Ingram scored only two points in the second half in this one. The Grizzlies, savvy on defense as always, figured out what he was doing and made him not do it anymore. Eventually, he’ll get so good that it won’t really matter what teams are doing to stop him, but for now this is the reality of Ingram’s game. Did him reworking his jumper over the summer even change anything? It doesn’t look insanely different to me. Still kind of a two-handed fling. Not hating, because it actually looks a bit how I shoot it (mixed with a bit of Adam Morrison and Michael Redd, hell yeah). Gotta do something when your arms are too skinny to get enough power on the ball.

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