Dewayne Dedmon 15 Points Full Highlights (11/5/2017)

The Hawks’ signing of Dewayne “Judge Dedd” Dedmon made very little sense to me when it happened and it still doesn’t make much sense to me. The Hawks are clearly tanking, so there’s not any point in having a solid, low-scoring, low-upside bigman on your team. What’s he gonna do? Instill a winning culture with his defense and professionalism? The Hawks should have swung for the fences on one of those raw, springy athletic types to see if they can discover the next Hassan Whiteside. Does anybody know where Robert Upshaw is right now? Or is there a fourth Plumlee brother hidden somewhere?

A team with a Dedmon/Muscala center tandem is doomed to win no more than 25 games, and that pairing also doesn’t provide a ton of raw entertainment potential, but I guess that’ll help the tank? Dedmon benefits from this arrangement given that he gets to be the starting center, something he would not be on most teams, so good for him. He has a player option next year, so he can either take the six million dollars to be on a bad team again, or just jet for a different team. I wonder if he’ll make a television special for his decision.

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