Dillon Brooks 13 Points Full Highlights (11/5/2017)

Dillon Brooks has screwed me up in two different ways.

FIRST WAY HE SCREWED ME UP: I keep pronouncing Dillon as “Dill On” in my head even though it’s pronounced like Dylan (“Dill An”).

SECOND WAY HE SCREWED ME UP: He scored nineteen in his NBA debut, throwing out of whack my proprietary algorithms for determining whether or not a specific performance is highlight-worthy. I couldn’t figure out whether he would be a consistent 15+ scorer or if the nineteen points was a statistical aberration, never to happen again. I have now decided that Dillon Brooks is not a nightly threat to score in double digits, thus a thirteen-point game from him is deserving of a highlight video.

OFFICIAL WARNING TO DILLON: You’d better not experience a sudden improvement or this video will have been totally not worth it. You’ve been warned.

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