Isaiah Taylor 14 Points Full Highlights (11/5/2017)

Is it fair to say that Isaiah Taylor is already a better player than Tyshawn Taylor ever was? For those of you who don’t remember, Tyshawn Taylor played two seasons for the Nets, 2012-13 and 2013-14. He averaged, like, three points per game and wasn’t very good so he just didn’t play in the league after that. Tyshawn Taylor presented a low bar for Isaiah Taylor to clear, and I think this newcomer has already surpassed Tyshawn’s career accomplishments.

Part of it might be circumstance. Tyshawn was a DNP for half the games he could have appeared in. Isaiah is the backup point guard by default right now (RIP Malcolm Delaney) and has been given consistent opportunities to prove he’s made out of NBA material. These past two games, where he’s scored 12 and 14 respectively, he has taken and solidified his position as the best Taylor of the past five years.

Notice: Jeff Taylor disqualified himself from the “best Taylor of the past five years” race by being a domestic abuser.

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