Luke Babbitt 17 Points Full Highlights (11/5/2017)

#babbersnation unite! The Hawks have found their Ersan Ilyasova replacement of the future, and his name is Luke Babbitt! The amount of confidence they are showing in him is astounding: “Hey you get the start tonight oh and why don’t you guard LeBron James while you play for all but seven minutes of the game? Sounds good, yup, thought so.”

He rewarded the Hawks’ belief in him with his best scoring game of the season and a huge dunk that would make Kyle Korver jealous. There’s a reason that he had one of the highest vertical leaps at his draft class’ combine, apparently. I don’t know if I believe that he actually had a 37.5 inch vert (beating out Blake Griffin’s 35.5, can you even believe that?????? what the hell man what the hell), but then again the dunk he had last game was pretty gravity defying.

I’m gonna have to devote a whole description to his vertical leap, for real. This is blowing my mind. #babbersnation

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