Norman Powell 19 Points Full Highlights (11/5/2017)

These highlights aren’t really as good as I thought they’d be. That was what I was thinking throughout the whole process. Like, isn’t Norman Powell supposed to exciting and great and awesome? Raptors fans, those liars, led me to believe that he is a premiere young talent in the league. This video says otherwise.

Yeah, he dunked it. Hard. Best part of the video by far, but most of the rest of it is LAMEups. I could make a video of me taking a dump and it would be about as good. “DownToBuck 1 Log/3 Dingleberries Full Highlights”. The only thing stopping me from doing so is that YouTube would probably ban me for it. Luckily they don’t have a policy of banning people for making sub-par NBA highlights, or I’d have been done for a long time ago.

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