James Johnson 21 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (11/6/2017)

That was not the most fun NBA game I ever watched. Good thing I didn’t pay for a ticket to attend, or would’ve been stuck there for the whole thing, glancing at my phone every three minutes wondering when I could get the heck out and rush home to make highlight vids. The neato thing about the Internet is if the Heat game I’m watching because I’m hyped for Bam Adebayo turns out to suck, I can open a new tab and instantly start watching the funny scenes from Borat again. Great success!

James Johnson showed up for the Heat tonight, and no one else really did. He put up another one of his usual statlines, 21/9/6/3/1, but was it even close to enough? No. He could have had a triple-double (seriously JJ where is it we’re all waiting) and the team with a gajillion all-stars would have won easily anyway. Humph.

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