Jayson Tatum 21 Points Full Highlights (11/6/2017)

The team Jayson Tatum is on is too good. How is he supposed to live up to his full scoring potential if there are a bunch of other competent dudes on what should be his roster? Either the Celtics need to get very crappy, very quickly, or they need to trade Tatum to a team that will fully utilize his vast talents.

This is where the Bucks step in. The Bucks, for Tatum, are willing to offer one (1) slightly used Thon Maker who is totally the age he claims he is, one (1) Jason Terry who wants to return to the place where he died, and some (some) second round draft picks. I don’t even have to get into how bad the Celtics win this trade. It’s a coup for them, and it’s a coup for Tatum because he can immediately become the unquestioned second option on a team that will probably start tanking soon.

I would also accept a Tatum trade to the Nets.

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