Danny Green 24 Points Full Highlights (11/7/2017)

Spurs fans can officially stop hating Danny Green now. He’s struggled with his shooting the past two seasons, but early indications this season say that he’s back to being a 40% three-point shooter like he’s supposed to be. He’s also developed the ability to hit shots that aren’t three-pointers, leading to a dramatic increase in his overall percentages. So, all you Spurs fans who thought he was overpaid and washed-up, you can stop thinking that now because Danny Green is no longer either of those things.

To celebrate Danny’s rebirth as a player, I’ve come up with a few hashtags that people can use whenever they want to call attention to the quality of his play.


Remember that if you use any of these hashtags in a tweet or other internet posting, you have to pay me 25 cents. The royalties I collect from these hashtags all go straight to research and development for new hashtags. Also some of it gets spent on fancy cat food for my fancy cat. He helps me with his softness and purring.

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