Doug McDermott 20 Points Full Highlights (11/7/2017)

The Knicks are winning games. I don’t know how they’re doing it, presumably some sort of witchcraft is involved, but it’s happening right now and we can’t ignore it. Eventually they’ll have to learn how to win games where they’re not down by a bajillion points in the fourth quarter, maybe by playing better in the other three quarters. Or, they can induce cardiac arrest in thousands of Knicks fans by saving all their stuff for the last minute or twelve.

It’s tempting to credit Kristaps Porzingis with their sudden and dramatic change in fortune, but that would be too obvious. He might be playing a small role in his team’s resurgence, but if I say that, like, Kyle O’Quinn and Doug McDermott are just as valuable, I bet people will agree with me. How would you even refute something like that? Any possible refutation can itself be refuted with “try watching the games”.

McDermott had 20 points tonight, but you don’t even have to watch the whole game just to see what you want; I have his highlights prepared nicely on a cute little platter ready for your immediate consumption!

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