Justin Jackson 16 Points Full Highlights (11/7/2017)

I bet you can guess what this video description will be about. It should be obvious. If it’s not obvious, you’re a lot smarter person than I am, and maybe you should be writing the descriptions since apparently you have so many more ideas than I do.

Here’s the thing. Before this game, I was only faintly aware that there was a rookie named Justin Jackson, and that he was a separate entity from the Suns’ Josh Jackson. The Kings have so many rookies and young players that it wouldn’t surprise me if they started making up fake ones just to confuse me, but in this case, Justin Jackson is fully real and fully ready to ball out. His hair is also considerably smaller than Josh Jackson, and his skin is lighter, and he sort of looks like a British citizen who went through twenty generations of inbreeding (which would be all Britizh citizens), so all of those physical differences should help me cope with the similarity of their names.

It might be too early to officially add Justin Jackson to the official list of “officially good” rookies, but this game definitely makes him a candidate. He didn’t do anything mind-blowing like create his own shot off the dribble, but he moved smartly without the ball and got into positions where he could be found for easy baskets. A lot of rookies have no idea how to do those things. If he scores in the 15+ range at any point in the next few games I will add him to the “officially good rookies” list no question.

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