Malcolm Brogdon 22 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (11/7/2017)

What’s gonna happen to Malcolm Brogdon AKA the Junkyard Brog AKA Brog-Dog AKA Imbroglio AKA The Cybrog now that Eric “I don’t wanna be here” Bledsoe is on the team? I envision a scenario where Brogdon gets shifted to shooting guard for many of his minutes to accommodate Eric Bledsoe’s sole true position, which is point guard. I also envision Matthew Dellavedova getting reduced to mop-up duty, with possible appearances in three-PG lineups that Jason Kidd will run out there because he was a PG himself and loves having point guards on the floor.

Whatever happens, I hope that the changes to the rotation don’t affect Brogdon’s ability to shoot 48% from the three-point line. His averages might go down from his current 16/5 line (a line I didn’t honestly think he was capable of before the season started), but I can live with that. The only line that matters on the Bucks is Giannis averaging 30/10/5. Oh yeah, and Jabari Parker averaging 20/2/1 when he comes back from his well-deserved vacation.

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