Salah Mejri 10 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (11/7/2017)

After tonight, Salah “The Tunisian Munition” Mejri is averaging almost 6 blocks per 36. Can you say “Mark Eaton”? What about “Manute Bol”? And, unlike last year, he’s not even fouling out in that time! One of the main problems with low-usage shot-blockers is that they tend to foul a heck of a lot. If Mejri can keep his fouling under control, I bet he can play legit backup center minutes while the Mavericks continue working towards ruining Nerlens Noel’s career.

I swear I read something during the offseason about him going back to Europe. Like, I’m almost positive I read an article where it said he was going to play in Spain this season, and I was sort of sad about it. Did I make that up? I was extremely confused when I saw him on the roster for the Mavs this year. If it is true and you can just undo deals like that, is there any way we can get Travis Diener back in the NBA?

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