Brandon Ingram 18 Points Full Highlights (11/8/2017)

Brandon Ingram is playing quite well to start his second year in the league, building on the success he found in the second half of last season (success that was so successful that he successfully dragged his field goal percentage above 40%). If he continues on this trajectory of improvement (which assumes that his current strong play is not an illusion caused by the blinding school bus yellow of the new Nike Lakers jerseys), he’ll be a total stud by year four, and I will be forced to delete all the videos I made of him his rookie year where I called him a bust or whatever.

Since I would rather not have to delete perfectly good highlight videos off my channel, I’ll be over here hoping that Ingram regresses hard and that the Lakers wallow in suckitude for the next decade to two decades. I also simultaneously hope that Kyle Kuzma averages twenty points per game and becomes the analogue to Clippers’-era Corey Maggette. But if Ingram decided to be the one averaging twenty points per game, I suppose I could live with that too.

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