Ben Simmons 18 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (11/9/2017)

I’m glad to see that Ben Simmons is benefiting from what I call the “Giannis Effect”. Named after everyone’s favorite Greek, the Giannis Effect is when a certain player’s teammates shoot the ball as soon as they receive it from said player, in order to get that player more assists. I’m not denigrating the quality of the assists here, well maybe I am a little bit, but dimes are dimes. Does it matter if Robert Covington is chucking up threes no matter what as long as Simmons passed him the ball?

The 76ers know what’s at stake: the ROTY of the Year award. They were robbed of it last year, and their hearts are set on earning it for real this time. It doesn’t look like Markelle Fultz is gonna be winning it, so everything now has to revolve around acquiring more stats for Simmons. Other concerns are secondary.

Simmons played a pretty low-key game tonight, not shooting or diming or rebounding at his usual level. Unacceptable! I’m looking at the boxscore, at J.J. Redick took 13 shots! I don’t know how many of those were off Simmons passes, but here’s a new rule for everybody to follow: don’t shoot until Simmons gives you the ball. That’s how Chris Paul did it, I think, and he’s pretty good. Scott Skiles too.

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