Jeff Green 27 Points Full Highlights (11/9/2017)

The Cavaliers fanbase is quickly going to join the list of fanbases who wished that Jeff Green was just a little bit better. I don’t think this dude has reached expectations anywhere he’s been. Partially his fault, but also partially the fan’s fault, because they keep thinking he’s going to be good for them when he has shown no evidence of that at all.

He was good tonight, I’ll give him that. Good for a whole quarter, actually. Not really the whole game, but he was pretty damn good in that quarter. I don’t want to say “vintage” Jeff Green, because it surpassed even the vintagest Jeff Green moments. He just went out there and scored the rock, over and over, using and abusing the likes of Ryan Anderson, Bobby Brown, and P.J. Tucker. I don’t think he showed any emotion at all during the stretch, despite what the thumbnail looks like. Any other time he could be criticized for seeming to not care, but tonight, it was because he was too dominant to act like he wasn’t the coolest cat on the court.

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