Justin Jackson 19 Points Full Highlights (11/9/2017)

The amount of primo young talent on the Kings is freaking me out right now. And it’s not the tanking kind of young talent that the 76ers had a few years ago. Even their “DNP-too scrubby” prospects have potential or whatever. Except for Vince Carter. I don’t think he has any potential left anymore. Just kidney stones.

Justin Jackson is the latest King to get his turn at putting up some stats. Obviously they can’t all get stats at once, so they have to go in order. A few games ago it was De’Aaron Fox, then it was Bogdan Bogdanovic, now it’s Jackson’s turn and it turns out he’s pretty much a total beastmode unstoppable wrecking ball. 16 points last game, 19 points tonight, I’m sensing a 20-burger within the week. 30-burgers? Multiple? If it doesn’t happen soon, it’ll definitely happen in April.

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